Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

when the ____________ fell in love with his super girl

Look at me, look at me; don't always think of him
Doesn't love, doesn't love; he doesn't love you
You're more perfect than he is
Don't always stare at that cell phone
Don't be so half-hearted again
You understand; you're very clear; my Super Girl

Sometimes when you think about the flowers he gave you;
Throw them away, please quickly throw them away
Or of his most charming smile;
Forget it, please forget it quickly
His gentleness causes you to revert back;
Wake up, please wake up quickly
Your good points are such a mystery
Please let me help you keep them well

Oh My Super Girl; you are my Baby Girl
He can't see your beauty; the magic behind that ordinary exterior
Oh My Super Girl; I am your Super Man
Your gaze leaves me fascinated
I'll do anything for you

Look at me, look at me; don't follow him all the time
If he says "I like you"; No matter how busy he is he will still be able to wait for you

That must be the lies he says
That must not be from the bottom of his heart
Oh~ don't believe him; leave him
Oh~ quickly, come to my side

In happiness; in sadness
I'll promise that I'll always be with you; will always be with you
I'll get ready the most beautiful love in the whole world; the most precious love
I'm waiting for you to move into my heart

Don't give up your right to happiness
You're the most perfect girl in the entire world

there was a boy, fell in love with a girl.
the boy, too shy to act.
one day, he'll sing SORRY SORRY because he know he was too afraid to act.
and, all that's left is regret.

Rather than a lover, a friend
Is what I’d rather like to be

All of your thoughts and sadness
I want to keep

As if as if you might not exist
I love you so much
The person that I expect is you
that that that girl

PS: ini hanyalah sebuah pandangan gw terhadap dua buah lagu yang kayanya pernah kejadian gua liat dalam kehidupan beberapa orang yg gw kenal.
silakan interpretasi sendiri mereka siapa, tapi gw sih no comment.

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  1. tai dah... gw juga no comment ah. hahahhahaha...

    btw, itu yang di "_______" kebaca di link nya sya. hyahahaha...