Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

skit: penggalan2 lirik lagu all accross the globe

Arashi - Beautiful Days (translation)
I'll to towards the sky, singing

yes singing as far as my voice will go
It's strange isn't it, that I'm not alone
I'll never
Forget, ever
I won't forget
A future with you is the one I'd painted in the sky

TVXQ - Bolero (translation)
Let you dance away
Don't you worry/know
I'll stand by your side

Harlem Yu - Ching Fei Te Yi (translation)
Just afraid I will fall in love with you

Dare not let myself be too close to you
Afraid I’ve got nothing to offer you
To love you may require a lot of courage too
Just afraid I will fall in love with you
Maybe one day I wouldn't be able to control myself
From falling in love with you
Thinking of you only hurts myself
I just can't help falling in love with you

Kang Ta - Propose (translation)
I can't think of anything cool to say.

I wish you are by my side every time I open my eyes in morning.
Have you thought of what to call me from now on?
Will you still call me "oppa~" like you always used to?
How many children do you want to have? I think two will be perfect.
I will live all my life, thanking this world where I have met you.
Do you know my heart? Without any fear or hesitation, I have chosen you.
I love you that much.

those above are for you.
my most special
(bukan special one, itu mah Jose Mourinho wkwkwkwk :p )

I wish you'd look at me that way.

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  1. lagunya Harlem Yu - Ching Fei Te Yi translationx kok gk lengkap lengkapin dong

    atau bisa kasih saya link tempat translation yg lengkapnya