Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

shitman: promises

due to my rapid speed of favoritism of Super Junior and deep affection for its sexiest member: Kim Hee Chul, several things I wanna shout out:

1. I can't wait for Kim Heechul's drama where he starred as one of the characters; this drama titled I love you 10 million times; an SBS production.

2. I can't wait for the soundtrack, because Heechul will sing its main theme

3. I really want to understand hangul. Korean's letters and everything related. dammit.

4. can anyone translate for me? it's heechul's official page. blog or whatever.

well, welcome to another side of hasya's craziness. haha

Reasons why I do like heechul:
1. his face. peculiarly handsome
2. his attitude
3. his on stage stupidity.
4. he's sexy.

ga pernah dah gua sengefans ini sama seorang singer boyband

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  1. dammit sya, kemaren gw ngebrowse webnya SJ semaleman di sbm. gyahahaha. tapi tetep aja belom menemukan yang paling ganteng. abis mukanya pada berubah-berubah -__-. di sini ganteng, di situ cupu... hmmm... btw, pinjem attack of pinup dong :p