Senin, 24 Agustus 2009

mind essence.

I write statements
But my mind done it
Nobody couldn't understand or even see it

It's funny

Like I care more than anything else
Do you reply it with something other than words?
Why don't you throw it to my face
I never knew that I could be so devoted to only one human being.

Waste most of my time
Losing my mind
I got charisma!
I got nerve!
It seems like eiffel of my brain has collapsed
The way nanomite works in GI Joe
Then I just can let nidji sings in my mind again.

I miss the way I used to miss you.
Aint love sweet?
No. Not at all
Not that much.

I work fast
Fast enough to make your brain destroyed
Schumacher and Rossi envy me
And all you can do was just smile at me?

I might be nothing
It is true
But hey I'm a human being
I have rights to live.
Equality! All races are the same

Maybe one day
I could pull the strings
Throw it to your face
The fact that I do love you

The script puts this best.
Yeah how can I move on?
When I'm still in love with

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