Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

all I want is a fun short semester.

when I first start this short semester in my school, all I want is just a fun, relax, short semester.
well when I first look at the schedule and mata kuliahs, I think it will be relaxing. I will use my brain in such less frequently than in previous semesters. Well that's what I thought before.

actually it is kinda hard because it turns out that the lessons are hard, and I think the rules are panicking me too much.

and the most important part is when I was appointed as Research Manager for CSR. thanks for the reliance/trust. I love to be trusted. I love it. thanks. however I forget that I'm also the minister of minat and bakat on KMSBM. it means, double job for me to kick.

well let's grow up hasyong. no more fun relax short semester!

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