Senin, 05 Januari 2009

happy birthday to my idol, vita marissa!

well today might be late for me to congratulate my idol Vita Marissa, the national badminton team player of Indonesia for her 28th birthday yesterday, yeah she hit 28 years old on January 4 2008. she was actually born in Jakarta in January 4 1981.

in this quite young age, she already won several prestigious championships.
yeah, ranked 4th in olympic is not that bad rite?
and winning several super series are outstanding. and she is a part of THE BEST WOMEN'S DOUBLES in INDONESIA now. stand in the top 5!

Liliyana Natsir and Vita Marissa. my idols!

well I just want to wish her a very happy (belated birthday), I hope that you will always be happy okay!
kak vita, remember what I said on ym conference:
"buat apa jadi juara terus kalo kita gak happy. yg penting kita happy kak!" and so I wish you a happy life. okay my idol!
happy birthday!


Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

hpy newyear!

happy new year!

that simple sentence open my blog entry this day. well, right now I just dunno what to write because I have to finish my laundry downstair..

and just wanna tell you about one of my mata kuliah which is IBE. our class formed a company and our products are KRETIK and PUZZLIC.
puzzlic is the right place to print your picture! u could play it or memajang saja!
well I wanna show off one of PUZZLIC pic:

actually, the model for this puzzlic is Ikrom one of my class (APASTIA) member.

my friend Kara's family printed on puzzlic! cool rite?

a band?!

if you're interested on the puzzle, just hit for more info, or just ym me at hasya89.

well that's all,