Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

hpy newyear!

happy new year!

that simple sentence open my blog entry this day. well, right now I just dunno what to write because I have to finish my laundry downstair..

and just wanna tell you about one of my mata kuliah which is IBE. our class formed a company and our products are KRETIK and PUZZLIC.
puzzlic is the right place to print your picture! u could play it or memajang saja!
well I wanna show off one of PUZZLIC pic:

actually, the model for this puzzlic is Ikrom one of my class (APASTIA) member.

my friend Kara's family printed on puzzlic! cool rite?

a band?!

if you're interested on the puzzle, just hit www.batikpuzzle.com for more info, or just ym me at hasya89.

well that's all,


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